Peckford: Less Whining More Action

Stop Whining Canadians! What Did You Expect From A Deliberately Flawed Federal Government Emergency Inquiry ? We Just Don’t Get It!

I note the Canadian Citizens Coalition complaining (and many others ) about the now ended public part of the Inquiry.

It was flawed from the day the Act was passed . And that it was introduced in the House of Commons by the Conservatives!!! 

Interestingly, it was Hon. Perrin Beatty, a Conservative Cabinet Minister who introduced the Bill in the House of Commons in 1987 as Minister of Defence . Later , I was a member of the Committee that interviewed him for the job as President of CBC and he is now President of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce . And most interestingly he accepted a position offered by Trudeau’s Liberals to be on the Canadian Covid 19 Supply Council . No wonder, then , Business has been so aligned with the Government’s flawed narrative. So there will be blood on a lot of hands when the final chapter is written ( if ever) when history records this sad time in our nation. 

When a society accepts as legitimate a bill that has the Government investigate itself there ain’t much left, now is there?

And we all merrily went along and participated in this charade!!

Terms of reference set by the Government. 

Commissioner set by the Government. 

No civil or criminal matters to be discussed. That for another day.

And it is always ‘another day’ which changes , of course, the whole dynamic and dilutes the effort to legitimate accountability. 

I said on this blog on October 17

‘Not Only is the Inquiry flawed because the Government set the terms of reference to inquire into its own actions and appoint the Commissioner but those terms of reference say :

‘( vi) direct the Commissioner to

(A) perform their duties without expressing any

conclusion or recommendation regarding the civil or

criminal liability of any person or organization,’

So there is no accountability————

What’s the point?

If no one is to be held accountable? 

It will be business as usual when this is over with a report that recommends bureaucratic changes etc , all of which can be ignored. ‘

As far as ‘making the Government look bad’ , embarrassing it——if after two years of overwhelming scientific evidence of the health negatives of the vaccines and the injuries and deaths caused by the mandates and lockdowns and the Governments are still recommending them to everyone , that they are safe and effective, there is no way to embarrass this group of incompetents. 

When will Canadians realize the system is broken -that a SYSTEM CHANGE IS NEEDED. ‘

Anybody read the introduction to the Act?

‘AND WHEREAS the Governor in Council, in taking such special temporary measures, would be subject to the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the Canadian Bill of Rights and must have regard to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, particularly with respect to those fundamental rights that are not to be limited or abridged even in a national emergency;’

So —————it doesn’t matter anymore what is written, what is in law, what is in the Constitution!

We are in the age of relativism —there are no universal truths !

Reason is relative —-

The sky is blue? 

Well , that’s your opinion. 

Canadians do not want to admit that the health system, and the education system are in shambles —that the economy is linked to deficit and debt and international forces, where the individual is simply a consumer to be manipulated by electronics controlled by the marriage of big state, big pharma, big media and big tech. 

As Dr. David Bell said in his great essay ‘Global Health And The Art Of Really Big Lies’ on the Pandata ( Website :

‘Truth was the only persistent obstacle to corporatising and monetising global public health.  However, Covid-19 proved that even this impediment to progress can be expunged through consistent lying and the vilification of truth-tellers, backed by a well-managed behavioral psychology campaign. This pandemic response provided a template not only for vastly-increased corporate income, but for job certainty and expansion of opportunity for the army of mostly-Western bureaucrats and health professionals filling the offices, meeting rooms and business-class seats of its implementing organisations. Covid-19 made corporate colonialism respectable again.’

Life , as the great bard said , is but a walking shadow——-for too many in our world today —————————-

Wake up Canada —!!


Playing around the edges with sham Inquiries meant to protect the powerful is ‘ much ado about nothing. ‘

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