Activists Behaving Badly

Using a simple world view that only the truly young and indoctrinated possess, climate activists have been glueing themselves to highways, artworks and now symphony orchestras. Their message is … hummm! not so sure but I’m sure there is one. I would look into it but I don’t really care.

They are working their way up a cultural ladder so prepare for throwing soup or glueing themselves to ballerinas, divas and Elton John.

Unhinged Climate Activists Hijack Beethoven Concert and Glue Themselves to a Conductor Stand (VIDEO)

The climate extremists who have been vandalizing artworks and cars in recent months have now glued themselves to a conductor’s stand at a Beethoven concert on Wednesday in Hamburg, Germany.

Climate activists from the radical group Last Generation interrupted a Beethoven concert at the Elbphilharmonie concert hall, one of Germany’s grandest venues, and glued themselves while lecturing the audience about climate change.

Law enforcement officials quickly removed and arrested the two activists, and the show went on as scheduled.

The Times reported:

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The stunt at the €866 million Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg was the latest in a string of attention-grabbing antics from Last Generation, a group of radical campaigners whose members have previously thrown substances over paintings by Monet and Klimt.

Minutes before the state orchestra of Saxony was to strike up the first notes of Beethoven’s Violin Concerto in D major, an unidentified man and woman in fluorescent vests clambered on to the stage and stuck their hands to the stand with fast-drying glue, which induced groans from members of the audience.

In a brief speech the woman warned that there would be no more concerts in Hamburg if the low-lying port city were to be submerged beneath rising waters. “If we do nothing now, we will be complicit in the greatest catastrophe humanity has ever suffered,” she said. “Just as there is only one Beethoven violin concerto, we only have this one planet, whose boundaries we’re abusing so badly that catastrophes caused by climate change are getting more frequent and deadly.”

She added: “I always wanted to have children but now I’m so afraid to place a child in this world and look on as it dies in a war over resources or water.”

Watch the video below:^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^1595892180199297024|twgr^9a9d3fe1999e7a83d9e98e84272e8fa75343b74d|twcon^s1_c10&ref_url=

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