Lab Leak: John Campbell Apologizes for Putting Too Much Trust in Leading Scientific Journals

In February 2020, two of the leading science journals, The Lancet and Nature Medicine, published disinformation articles. The papers were backed by a multitude of ‘prestigious’ hacks who, to their eternal shame, ignored inconvenient evidence and preemptively proclaimed ‘The Science”; that Covid was a natural zoonotic virus and any thought that it could be a lab leak was a Conspiracy Theory.

Dr. John Campbell fell for it and has stayed with a natural origin hypothesis for the past two years. In his defence, he is a highly ethical man and made the presumption that these journals would also have the same principles.

For myself I have not been so trusting, I was fortunate enough to have some questionably ethical PhD supervisors during my grad years and that set my BS meter on sensitive. Now, many years later, I am aware of how science can be corrupted for political ends and try to question even the most unassailable authorities.

How do you know that John Campbell can be trusted? He is a man who still believes in the importance of his honour and character and sincerely apologizes for having misled his audience:

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