Steve Kirsch: A Lot Has Happened

A lot has happened since my last Substack article (Part 1)

Here are the highlights from the last 7 days…

Steve Kirsch26 min ago

So much has happened in the last week. Here are the highlights. This is a long article but I kept each topic very short. Buckle up…

I’m featured on American Thought Leaders! Premiere is on Thanksgiving

Jan Jekielek of the Epoch Times interviewed me at the FLCCC event. We were both pretty tired (I was up the night before working on my presentation). The interview premiers on Nov 24 at 7:30pm ET. Watch the teaser here. If you can like and retweet this tweet, that would be awesome. I’ve got 2 lifetime bans on Twitter, so I’m not permitted on the platform.

Died Suddenly, the movie, premiers. 7 million people watched it in the first 24 hours. Rave reviews from the mainstream media 😉

Here’s the link. Watch it. Like it. Promote it. Get your redpilled friends to watch it. It’s just over an hour long. I’m in it. It’s good. But don’t take my word for it (since I’m a misinformation spreader). Watch it and decide for yourself.

The best endorsement is this message I just got on Skype:

You KILLED IT in that Died Suddenly Doc!! You literally flipped my blue pill parents to red with your honest analysis.

Below are a few of the endorsements the movie has gotten from the mainstream medical community. With recommendations like these, who wouldn’t want to see the movie?

But the most important recommendation comes from the Twitter censors

You simply cannot do better than that! That’s Twitter’s highest endorsement!

Here are a few others:

Angela Rasmussen

Sure Angela, I left a high paying job in high tech and millions of dollars of founder’s stock on the table just so I can make peanuts as a journalist at Substack. Do you have any evidence I’m a grifter? And where is the link to showing that half the people in the video didn’t die?

Died Suddenly Response

Well, top cardiologists have said that if someone dies suddenly, the most likely cause is the vaccine unless proven otherwise. How come nobody wants to do the proper autopsy tests to find out?

Here’s a more honest assessment of the film:

New ICD-10 code: “Died Suddenly”

There are so many people dying suddenly since the COVID vaccines have rolled out that I hear they are thinking of creating a new ICD-10 code just for that purpose so the death can be accurately coded. There was never a need for this pre-COVID vaccine. 

The weird thing is that I’m pretty sure everyone who died suddenly since 2021 was vaccinated with the COVID shot. If you know of any counterexamples, let me know in the comments.

Top virologist who voted to approve the vaccine dies suddenly

You can’t make this stuff up. You really can’t. Here is the story. She didn’t die from COVID. They have no idea why she died, but she was vaccinated just like all the other people who died suddenly. Nobody can figure out the cause. But maybe someday they’ll figure it out.

Pilot dies suddenly just after takeoff

Within seconds after take off, the pilot dies. Just like that. The airlines aren’t answering any questions. That’s the way it goes in America these days. You aren’t allowed to talk about vaccine deaths. Here’s the story.

Here’s another story of a Boeing pilot dying during the flight. I’m sure there are a lot more.

Odd that all these are happening and nobody has a clue as to the cause, isn’t it? 🙂

In an emergency, aren’t death rates supposed to exceed previous norms?

Hmmm… how come according to the UK ONS data that for ages 15-44, 2020 was just a normal year? This was an emergency, wasn’t it? I must be confused.

Brianne Dressen was vax injured 2 years ago

She co-founded React19. No organization I know has done more for the vaccine injured than React19.

I talked to Brianne recently to congratulate her on her work. They have over 20,000 members with no advertising. 

How can that happen when the NIH says there are no people injured by the COVID vaccines? The HPV vaccine has been around since 2006 and there are only 1,000 members of that group. Bree says it certainly isn’t because React19 did any advertising for members. That alone should tell you something.

Bree saw 60 doctors in the past 2 years. Of the 60, 57 told her that she was imagining everything; that there is nothing wrong with her and it is all “in her head.”

She appeared on a panel hosted by Ron Johnson a year ago. Has anything changed since then? Not really.

She knows of 24 people who committed suicide because their vaccine injuries were so bad. Unfortunately, only 6 of them left notes and not a single family member has consented to have those notes published.

So the injuries and the death continue because most people are not willing to speak out.

And Dr. Nath who was once supportive of the vaccine injured, now claims there is no connection between the vaccine and those injured from the vaccine.

Bad news: they took down our billboard outside of CDC headquarters

The good news is it was to make the billboard more readable. So now we have a new and improved billboard:

Take my poll:


Should we run full page ads in the NY Times, WSJ, and Washington Post to expose the CDC corruption?

Yes, run the ads and expose them

No, we shouldn’t let anyone know


The Jeffrey Tucker letter

Jeffrey is head of the Brownstone Institute. He got a letter recently from a forensic specialist who said he was skeptical of his claims, but now believes he’s right. So there you go. I’m trying to get permission to share.

The VAERS data

No fact checker wants to talk about the VAERS data. The safety signal for death was triggered. Not a word from the fact checkers. The CDC avoids answering any questions about that. And the higher number of events cannot be explained by “overreporting.” I know one doctor who never had to file any VAERS reports in the last 11 years. This year: 1,000 reports need to be filed. 

Personal attacks

People claim that all of us anti-vaxxers are simply grifters trying to make a dishonest buck selling worthless cures. I’ve been accused of having ulterior motives as well.

These accusations come with zero evidence attached.

If someone thinks I have some sort of ulterior motive in all this, I’m all ears. Show us the evidence. I’ll feature you on our show.

Isn’t it remarkable how so many people, from all different backgrounds, have suddenly become “misinformation spreaders”? How do “they” explain that?

The Turtles book

No errors found so far. So if there are no errors, why aren’t people believing it? 

(that is a rhetorical question)

Top journalist for MSM has been (partially) redpilled

I recently learned that a top reporter for one of the big MSM outfits has spent countless hours and now believes the narrative is false.

We’ll see what happens but this is good news… and only 2 years later!

Am I the only high tech executive in Silicon Valley who has figured out the vaccines are unsafe?

I can’t be the only guy… surely there must be at least one other person??!?!

Help wanted!!!!

If you can help in any of the following projects, please fill out this form and put details in the Comments section.

  1. I’ve been invited to write some op-eds for influential publications. This is time consuming. If you can do an awesome job for me, please let me know.
  2. For the book errata, I need a few people to help judge the submissions. If you are good at this sort of thing, let me know. 
  3. I want to ramp up the volume of our messaging. If you are good at helping us with the messaging, creative, and/or placement, let me know. Most ad agencies think we are evil people so they don’t talk to us.
  4. I want to blow up the safety signal issue. If you can make a short video showing how easy it is for ANYONE to validate the safety signal, then I can advertise that anyone can verify the safety signal in < 5 minutes… why can’t the CDC do it?

What the data tells us

You can access the presentation I gave at the FLCCC conference here. Feel free to steal, repurpose, translate, etc.

What I look like on a vectorscope

I spent the last week in video/color land learning vMix, Davinci Resolve, and learning how to use Blackmagic gear. 

In case you were wondering what I look like on a vectorscope, here’s the answer (from vMix):

In other words, my face is redder than the normal skin tone line. So now we both know.

To be continued in part 2

I have a bunch more items and I hope to get them published tomorrow.

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