What Don’t you Understand about an INDEPENDENT Inquiry?

From Brian Peckford:

Is This A NDP Liberal Plot /Ploy To Undermine The National Citizens Inquiry ?? Confuse Federal With National and Independent With Federal Inquiries Act ?

One cannot help but note the sudden announcement by the NDP Health Critic that he and his Party are calling for an INQUIRY into the whole Pandemic Affair. I quote the NDP Press Release 

‘In order to ensure accountability and transparency for Canadians, today NDP Health Critic Don Davies called on the federal government to launch an independent public inquiry into Canada’s COVID-19 preparedness and response under the federal Inquiries Act.’

This , of course, is on the heels of an announcement by former Reform Leader Preston Manning of a National Citizens Inquiry being established to investigate , independently, just what happened over the last almost three years of mandates , lockdowns and all sorts of nefarious things by the state. The NCI website says:

‘The National Citizen’s Inquiry (NCI) is a citizen-led and citizen-funded initiative that is completely independent from government. In early 2023, the NCI will hear from Canadians and experts and investigate governments’ COVID-19 policies in a fair and impartial manner.’

Now lest there be any doubt, there has been , ever since I began advocating for a Citizen led NATIONAL INQUIRY inquiry, an underground of support for a FEDERAL INQUIRY Led By the Federal Government .

And here it is again. 

Given the manner in which The Liberal/ NDP Coalition ( slavishly and sheepishly followed by incompetent Premiers ) has operated over this past almost three years of anti constitutional, anti science mandates and lockdowns causing death and injury and economic hardship , one must wonder how this cabal will act now that it becomes obvious that The Emergencies Act invocation was un necessary and unconstitutional and that an independent group of citizens is launching an Independent Inquiry?

Well , just have one of the socialist members of the cabal announce that they support an Inquiry. Make it seem like its independent by inserting words transparency and accountability and presto —a gullible public might just go along —-again. 

I have already heard people say this is a positive happening. 

OMG ——

This move by the NDP ( no doubt involving the Federal Liberals ) completely undercuts any accountability and honesty that might have been left in the system !!

By saying Federal many people confuse that with National ! It is not!!

By saying Federal Inquiries Act many people confuse that with independent . It is not!!

An Inquiry under the Federal Inquiries Act will only encompass matters Federal !!It does NOT involve all the lockdowns and mandates that were begun by Provincial Governments!!

And The Government of Canada setting it up obliterates any independence !! Like the Public Order Emergency Commission!

‘Beware of Greeks bearing gifts —-‘ this NDP /Liberal ploy is Canada ‘s modern day Trojan Horse. 

And if given a scintilla of support it will undermine any chance of getting to the root of our national disgrace through a National Citizens Inquiry. 

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