No! No! No! Not a Joke

Biden’s Midterm Hail Mary Is Outrageous Lies About Trump

Matt Margolis

At a campaign rally in California on Thursday night, Joe Biden falsely aligned David DePape—the mentally ill, illegal immigrant Canadian and nudist activist who attacked Paul Pelosi last week—with Trump supporters and also suggested that  Donald Trump had used the term “patriots” to allude to DePape—which is also completely false.

“And how can you call yourself a democracy when you have a group of 1,000 people who storm the United States Capitol, break the windows and doors down, two policemen die as a consequence of it, break through the House and Senate doors and chambers, have people cowering on the floor, threatening to kill people?” Biden asked, repeating the lie that Capitol Police officers were killed during the riot. “You saw what happened to Paul Pelosi in an effort to get to Nancy. Well, guess what? What do they call these guys? What do Trump and all his Trumpies call them? He said they’re ‘patriots.’ No! No! No! No! No! Not a joke! These are ‘patriots’”

DePape is reportedly a leftist who supported Nancy Pelosi. But that clearly doesn’t matter to Biden, who wants people to believe that DePape is a MAGA Republican.

As for what Biden said about Trump, Trump is on record calling the attack on Mr. Pelosi “a terrible thing.” Trump also condemned the violence at the Capitol.

Does Joe Biden really think his lies will save the Democrats on Tuesday?

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