Fernando: JT’s Brazen Hypocrisy

WATCH: Lacking Self-Awareness, Hypocritical Trudeau Criticizes Suspension Of “Rights & Freedoms”

Doug Ford was thrown under the bus without hesitation.

Justin Trudeau wants Canadians to know that he’s opposed to the suspension of people’s rights and freedoms.

And no, he apparently wasn’t joking.

This is how absolutely out of touch with reality he has become:

“Trudeau “the suspension of people’s rights is something that you should only do in the most exceptional circumstances and I really hope that all politicians call out the overuse of the notwithstanding clause to suspend people’s rights and freedoms.””


Trudeau is trying to claim he’s opposed to governments using their power to strip away rights? After years and years of trying to expand government power over the internet, moving Canada closer to China’s orbit, restricting economic freedom, imposing vaccine mandates and border controls?

What a disgrace.

And the smirk just tops it all off.

He thinks he’s getting away with it.

He is so arrogant that after imposing the Emergencies Act he still feels entitled to lecture others about rights & freedoms.

Just like how he repeatedly wore blackface, yet calls his opponents ‘bigots’. If Trudeau was a video game character, his self-awareness score would be zero.

Ford thrown under the bus

When Doug Ford said he stood “shoulder to shoulder” with Trudeau on imposing the Emergencies Act, he probably expected Trudeau to reciprocate such support.

Instead, Ford got thrown under the bus immediately.

As a result, Ford has now angered some of his own supporters, while still getting attacked by Trudeau anyway.

Brazen hypocrisy

The rampant and brazen hypocrisy of Justin Trudeau only further divides the country, which would seem to be his goal.

As you know, Justin Trudeau is the only Prime Minister to impose the Emergencies Act, and his government has been flailing around trying to defend it during the Emergencies Act Inquiry.

Amazingly, Trudeau even lied about why the Inquiry is taking place, claiming the government ‘chose’ to call it, when the truth is that the Inquiry is a mandatory feature of the Act itself.

Witness after witness – including countless law enforcement officials – have said they didn’t ask for the Emergencies Act to be imposed and that it wasn’t needed.

Yet, Trudeau just doesn’t care.

The Liberal Party has become such a personality cult, and Jagmeet Singh is propping him up no matter what, so Trudeau feels politically insulated.

Accountability won’t come from within the Liberal government, it will only come from the Canadian People defeating the Liberals in the next election.

Until that day comes, we must keep exposing the hypocrisy and malfeasance of the Liberal government.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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