Fernando: The NDP-Liberal Pact Has to be Defeated

HYPOCRITE: After Voting For Liberal Plan To Triple Carbon Taxes On Home Heating, Jagmeet Singh Tries Rebranding As Tax Cutter

InsightSpencerFernandoOctober 29, 2022

Singh has supported and enabled the policies that have driven up home heating costs and made life more expensive for Canadians. He can’t walk away from that record now.

As the far-left climate zealots in the Liberal-NDP Pact push for higher and higher carbon taxes, Canadians are paying the price.

Home heating costs are set to surge this winter, on top of everything else.

The cost-of-living keeps going up, and instead of making things better, the Liberals & NDP are deliberately making things worse.

The Liberals and NDP voted to TRIPLE the carbon tax, and rejected a Conservative effort to halt the carbon tax hikes.

Thus, the Liberals & NDP have made it clear that want your home heating bills to go up and up and up.

But of course, that is generating a rising backlash.

Remember, the Liberals & NDP told the Canadian People that ‘climate action’ would bring massive amounts of jobs, investments, and savings. It was a chance to ‘save the world’ without any real cost – or so many believed.

Instead, the reality has been that the cost-of-living has surged, and Canadians are getting poorer. Meanwhile, countries like China keep increasing their emissions, meaning Canadians are suffering for absolutely no reason.

Even some Liberal Premiers are realizing this, and have pushed back on the carbon tax hikes:

“Newfoundlanders and Labradorians are doing our part to fight climate change. I wrote Min. @s_guilbeault today regarding the federal government’s proposed increases to carbon pricing. Doing so at this time would have a severely negative impact on people in our province. #nlpoli”

But all of that was ignored by the Liberal-NDP Pact.

They voted to keep on increasing the carbon tax.

Yet, Jagmeet Singh is now trying to fool Canadians, and reposition himself as an energy price tax cutter.


Singh is calling for the removal of the GST on home heating:

“A cold Canadian winter is coming.

And this year, home heating costs could go up by 50 to 100% for Canadian families.

I’m demanding that this Liberal government remove the GST off home heating — an essential service that will help keep families warm.”

This is actually a good idea from Singh, but it raises the question of why he voted to TRIPLE the carbon tax.

Increasing the carbon tax makes home heating much more expensive, while removing the GST from it makes home heating less expensive.

What is given on one hand is taken away on the other.

Singh is clearly feeling the political pressure from his decision to support and enable the economically destructive inflationary policies of the Liberal government, and is trying to weasel his way out of it.

The fact remains however that Jagmeet Singh and Justin Trudeau are deliberately making life more and more expensive, and will continue to do so.

The only real path towards lowering the cost-of-living is for the pro-inflation, anti-energy, economically illiterate Liberal-NDP Pact to be defeated.

Spencer Fernando

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