Peckford: When People Realize They Make the Democracy : It is They who must Recognize the Problem


One of the crucial questions that avoids scrutiny in this time of ‘ official misinformation’ is that to face what is really happening one must confront some harsh self evaluation and risk either job or peer condemnation or both. 

This , we are not prepared to do!! Too much Government means a lot of servitude. 

The silence by the majority that greeted the Trusted News Initiative—an international action by media to ensure only positive pandemic coverage 

The silence by the majority that greeted the Great Barrington Declaration clearly outlining through some of the world’s leading medical researches a sane way forward, only to be maligned and threatened. 

These two actions alone would in ‘ normal times ’ rouse considerable public debate in democratic Canada as well as the US .

Yet the press , and other leaders , political , business , union, were silent or very much on side with the Governments’ narrative. 

When Dr. Charles Hoffe in British Columbia was pressured by the authorities and his regional health authority and the Provincial Regulatory authority , the College of Physicians and Surgeons and few seemed concerned, I was shocked. Many more in Canada like him suffered , from Dr. Byram Bridle to Dr. Francis Christian to Dr. Eric Payne and many, many other professionals. And others who have written me from all over Canada who lost their administrative and trade jobs —-others unable to see their dying relatives —-and the suffering continues to this day. 

I need not elaborate further with all the attendant injuries and deaths and economic and psychological damage from lockdowns , mandates and vaccines. Irrefutable evidence exists. A quick survey of the Brownstone Institute articles validates this statement. 

Then the Conservative Leadership provided a convenient excuse to not look at the system —just the governing party ——as guilty as it was and is.

In my speeches I have described our system of democracy and the need for civic engagement , for oversight. That when a Parliament allows one of its members to violate the law five times and still retain his position something serious is wrong ———-with the system —-when Parliamentary Committees are shut down when important information is being offered by a former Justice Minister concerning obstruction of justice issues by the Prime Minister and his aides and Ministers you know there is a problem ——-with the system. I reference frequently the book by scholar Donald J Savoie , ‘Democracy In Canada. The Disintegration of Our Institutions.’ Every thinking Canadian should read it. And then read ‘The Road to Serfdom by F. A. Hayek.

When Governments ( remember it is a federation with 14 Governments and parliaments) of all Political stripes ) engaged in mandates and lockdowns that were unconstitutional, draconian and with no relevant cost benefit analysis . That evidence through Simon Fraser Fraser University professor’s Douglas Allen April 21 , 2021 Report indicated that as early as August 2020 information existed to show the cure was worse than the disease—-we know its just not a one Federal Party party problem—not a one leader problem . And given my ‘run ins ‘ with Papa Trudeau who lied to my Province , I should be the last to want to have his son not take all the blame!!

The lack of response to my own letters to all First Ministers ( of Liberal , Conservative and NDP persuasions) requesting them to refer their covid policies to their highest court for Constitutional adjudication and accepting a citizens inquiry shows beyond any doubt the dept of our malaise —-its the system —all the Political Parties that presently have seats in the Parliaments of Canada , all The Provinces and Territories. The Premiers are getting away ‘ scott free’ with the preoccupation on Federal celebrity —‘ a new category of emptiness ‘ as the great American historian Boorstin calls it.

The brazen evidence lacking statements by our Chief Judge should have caused another Trucker like convoy of hinterland hard workers, those conducting civil disobedience, disturbing the comfortable lives of Government supported Ottawa citizens ——who know nothing about individual rights and freedoms written right under their collective noses , only Capital City comfort paid for by the hinterland folks. And the rest of the Judicial Branch which up to now has ruthlessly disfigured the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. They seem to detest certain written principles that introduce the Charter , refused to interrogate me when they had the opportunity and obviously ignore history and how even precedents have been overturned as the esteemed Constitutional scholar Peter Hogg has pointed out in his great book ‘ The Constitutional Law of Canada’ page 99 and how they abuse such founding thinkers as Montesquieu—-embarrassing I am sure to anyone who has truly studied the law. 

I was a part of that system from 1971 when I first campaigned for a mainstream Political Party candidate and was later elected MLA , appointed Minister and later elected Leader and Premier and re-elected and retired after 10 years as Premier in 1989. 

Later my wife and I formed our own Consulting company and interacted between Canadian Governments and National and International Companies for ten years. The Constitution Act 1982 with its Charter of Rights and Freedoms has my signature attached to its founding document The Patriation Agreement of 1981. I have headed Inquiries for The Federal Government of Canada in social policy and The Government of British Columbia in resource policy. And I spent 5 years on the Board of CBC. 

One would think I know ‘the system .’

This is not a Federal Problem —it is a National Problem . I point this out in my Magna Carta published on my blog. 

As much as one detests Justin Trudeau and the Federal Party Liberal Party and they both have a lot of blood on their hands —the problem is not just a person and cannot be corrected with another person in the Liberal party , The Conservative Party or the NDP Party. All these parties have contributed to the present problem . It was The Conservatives who introduced the Emergencies Act with its provisions to have a Government who invoked it , to set the terms of reference and appoint the Commissioner to investigate itself . The Omnibus Acts of the Federal Parliament became almost the norm under The Conservatives , an affront to any democratic Parliament. 

We need new Political Parties that are honest , stand for something and defend their policies and ideas and especially those ideas that have proven worthy over time . The quick fix or news clip will no longer suffice if we are to regain substance and a decent democracy. 

It ‘s when people realize they make the democracy : it is they who must recognize the problem and are willing to change the present system that some light at the end of the tunnel will emerge —otherwise an empty darkness awaits. 

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