Laws of Physics Right Again!!

Just in case you thought they were negotiable:

“The Biggest Waste of Money I Have Ever Spent in my Entire Life… I Own Very Little Power” – Customers are Furious About Solar Panels’ Poor Performance

The whole point of solar energy is to create clean energy in a cost-effective manner.  Apparently, that is still not the case.

One Frederickton, Missouri resident was not happy after a solar energy firm misled him with empty promises.

“‘Own your own power,’ that’s what they said. I own very little power,” Curtis Jarvis told News 4.

Jarvis said that solar company Pink Energy, formally known as PowerHome Solar, assured him that their panels would provide more electricity than his house would ever need, but it was all a lie.

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“The biggest waste of money I’ve ever spent in my entire life,” Jarvis said.

According to News 4, Jarvis agreed to pay more than $46,000 in monthly installments over the course of 25 years. According to the terms of his agreement with Pink Energy, he should expect a 61% decrease in his energy consumption. But in reality, it was only about 10%.

“They don’t produce enough to cover everything,” said Jarvis. “I was swindled. I was duped. Bamboozled.”

Another customer said, “I trusted the whole company, it was on TV all the time.”

Watch the video below:

The company Pink Energy has reportedly decided to permanently close down after receiving over a thousand customer complaints.

“A Pink Energy employee sent 14 News a letter from leadership to employees detailing the issues that led them to the decision and that their “employment is terminated immediately effective” Wednesday,” 14 News reported.

“Over the last several months, we have experienced financial difficulties resulting from issues with Generac equipment and a decline in overall sales. We have explored many options to remedy these matters, including the unexpected layoffs experienced recently, which we expected to be the last we would ever have to make,” Pink Energy said in a statement.

“Unfortunately, our efforts have been unsuccessful, and the increase in service calls combined with an unexpected and drastic decline in sales and increase in post-sale cancellations have now forced us to make the decision to close our doors completely and immediately. The decision we have to now make does not come lightly and has taken a tremendous toll on all of us and it is with our deepest regrets that we are notifying all Pink Energy employees that your employment is terminated immediately effective today.”

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