A Whiff of Nuclear

Almost time for an October surprise and what a surprise this could be. Zelensky has asked for a preemptive nuclear strike against Russia and Putin has responded that Russia has nuclear weapons and will use them. Our aggravating media ignored the provocation and reported that Putin has threatened the West. Biden, vying for worst dictator of all time, has put on his cowboy boots. Are the flailing Democrats so grasping that they would destroy our lives just to hold onto power for a few more weeks?

Think a nuclear war would allow them to steal another election?

Better to rule in hell than serve in heaven?

Tucker Carlson discusses Zelensky’s call to nuclear harms to defend his corrupt kleptocracy even though months ago there could have been diplomatic solutions.

Russia has a history that gives it every right to be paranoid and if you bully and threaten them don’t be surprised if it all ends in a superheated fiery Totentanz.

Watch Tucker’s video at:


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