A Conspiracy Retrospective

For many years, my brother and I used to talk conspiracy theories, well, he would talk and I would listen. There was a lot of information about deep state and fiat currency, false flags, propaganda and cover-ups. The biggie was of course 9-11 and I listened but also closed my ears. Later, when my own life became less hectic, I had more time to look further and spent some time trying to unravel what had happened on 9-11, but every article I read, every video I watched raised more questions than answers and I was left somewhat confused. I did realize that the accepted 9-11 story was two thirds fabrication and one third fiction but it was all so complex that it seemed impossible that the nincompoops in DC could have pulled it off. I did find out that my tin-foil-hat brother was right and I was wrong.

Soon, 9-11 was superseded by trying to understand the quirks of Global Warming as it morphed into Climate Change and a quest for global governance. More recently as climate momentarily lost its appeal the urgency shifted to Covid with a tang of Great Reset.

So this is a bit of nostalgia, I have been watching a video that documents the story of 9-11. It is long, almost 5 hours and I am only a couple of hours in, but so far every assertion in the video is well researched and documented. It is very well organized and thought out and so far puts many of the fragments that I had pondered those many years ago into a coherent pattern.

Well worth my time so far, I’ll get back to writing my article on Canada’s excess mortality soon.

The video is at the following link. If it is not working try:

The controversial 9/11 “conspiracy video” everyone is talking about…

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