They Died Suddenly

VSRF Weekly Update: A New Public Health Crisis

With Dr. Kelly Victory, MD and Tiago Henriques, founder of a “Died Suddenly ” group.

David Sanders Ragsdale17 hr ago

Thursday, September 8
7pm Eastern / 4pm Pacific

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Watch the preview for this week’s show with Dr. Kelly Victory, MD and A.I. Specialist Tiago Henriques, founder of the popular “Died Suddenly ” Group.

I’m back on the VSRF Weekly Update this Thursday and we will be discussing the new bivalent booster vaccines and the staggering “died suddenly” numbers from the existing vaccines that together constitute a new public health crisis.  

The new mRNA vaccines expected to be authorized next month have no clinical trial results that are public. In fact, we know nothing about them. Urging the American people to blindly obey to take a novel mRNA vaccine is not only bad medicine, it’s bad policy. And it’s certainly not following the science. – Dr. Marty Makary, MD

No, it’s not, but that didn’t stop the FDA’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices from voting 13-1 to authorize the bivalent boosters.  We’ll talk about the data behind these untested vaccines with Dr. Kelly Victory, MD a board-certified trauma and emergency specialist with over 15 years of clinical experience and a prominent commentator on the Dr. Drew show. Dr. Victory has worked closely with officials from Homeland Security, the US Department of Health and Human Services, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, and multiple branches of the military.

Watch Dr. Victory tell Dr. Drew that the public’s trust in the Public Health Establishment is irrevocably shattered.

Tiago Henriques, the Administrator of the fastest growing group, “Died Suddenly” will also join us (I can’t publicize the link).  Tiago will walk us through the horrific real-time data he is gathering to serve as a proxy for true death numbers that aren’t being collected by Big Pharma or government agencies.  Tiago is an AI specialist who uses his skills to work around the algorithmic interference that Big Tech companies have employed so ruthlessly to enforce their false COVID narratives. 

The censorship surrounding the COVID-19 vaccines is what piqued Tiago’s interest in our movement and inspired him to create the “Died Suddenly” group. He is among a surge of technical experts, computer programmers, and AI specialists who are building vast parallel media and market platforms beyond the authoritarian reach of the Covidian regime. 

It will definitely be a lively show, tell a friend, bring two friends.  Also, share, repost, engage, and like the links below! We are still facing tremendous amounts of censorship and your help in amplifying our Weekly Update is the only way to work around this.  I look forward to seeing you all this Thursday. 

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