Stakeholder and Chips

World Economic Forum Recommends Humans Become Cyborgs, Implant Brain Chips: There Are ‘Solid, Rational’ Reasons For Children To Be Microchipped

By Alicia Powe 
The Gateway Pundit August 22, 2022 at 4:34pm 

The World Economic Forum is promoting “augmentation technology” to morph humans into cyborgs and recommends children be implanted with brain chips.

The brain chips will not only improve health by eradicating impairments like learning disabilities and depression, but pave the way for humans to attain superhuman capacities, contends an August 16 article published on the WEF website.

“Superheroes have been dominating big and small screens for a while, but there’s a subtle change happening. Many children expect to develop superpowers themselves. These expectations may sound unattainable, but we’re already making the first strides towards an “augmented society,” writes WEF “agenda contributor” Kathleen Phillips in the blog post titled, “Augmented tech can change the way we live, but only with the right support and vision.”

While brain chips or augmentation, like “cochlear implants” or “prosthetics” are used to remedy cognitive impairments, the technology will be used to enhance everyday life, particularly for children who would benefit from  developing ultra sensory perception, the article argues.

“The augmenting technology will help in all stages of life: children in a learning environment, professionals at work and ambitious senior citizens. There are many possibilities,” Phillips notes.

“Should you implant a tracking chip in your child? There are solid, rational reasons for it, like safety,” the scientist writes. “Many children with attention deficit struggle in school. In the best case, they get special education services or classroom accommodations. However, with extra visual and audio guidance that blocks off excess stimuli, an otherwise-enabled child can cope with a standard school environment. And when class is over and playtime begins, they can just take the aids off.”

Brain implants will provide health benefits “equivalent of a dog’s nose” in a gadget “that can be handy to sniff out COVID-19,” the WEF agenda contributor assures. But unlike phones that “might feel like part of your body,” the augmentation technology “will become more intertwined with the body in the form of implants.”

The article features a video produced by the WEF outlining “an ethical framework for a technologically augmented society.”

Read the full article. Watch the videos:

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