No More Donuts for You

As has been my routine of late I went browsing the BCCDC website for their COVID update, particularly the Donut graphs that give information on the number of British Columbians, the unvaxxed, and the singly, doubly and triply vaxxed. Here is what the previous week’s donuts showed:

There are 13 percent of BCers unvaccinated and 31% of double vaxxed holding firm, not getting their boosters. There are 89% percent of the deaths among the fully vaccinated with 77% of the deaths among the 52% boosted.

And here is what they showed this Thursday:

The donuts were removed! And when I have followed the selected links to find that promised information on ‘vaccine effectiveness’ I get :

A graph that shows that the BC population is now about 97% vaxxed even though the Donut graphs have shown 14% unvaxxed since April, dropping only last week to 13.5%, a rounded 13%. Is this sloppy data keeping or is information being intentionally obscured? Demonstrating vaccination success by data manipulation?

I’ve clicked on a lot of links but I cannot find any data on vaccine effectiveness which should include graphs showing the breakdown numbers of cases, hospitalizations, critical cares and deaths related to vaccine status. Perhaps the information is still there but the link is broken or obscure. A few weeks ago, the main link to the Donuts wasn’t working and I had to find a back door to get to the page. Hopefully, the link wasn’t broken on purpose. I will have to contact Heather Amos at the BCCDC for help to find the vaccine effectiveness data, perhaps the extensive tables of data that go back to January 2021.

Of all the info the BCCDC had to offer, the Donut graphs gave the clearest way for the public to evaluate such howlers as ‘safe and effective’, ‘the pandemic of the vaccinated’ or ‘protects from serious outcomes’. Perhaps that was also a problem, in a world where ‘vaccine hesitancy’ became more important than the truth, the donuts were conveying too much information.

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