Do Over

While driving into town today, I was listening to the BBC, (I know, I know, but one has to know what the opposition is planning) and there was a non stop gushing of climate porn. One interviewer read out a letter from a fan who might be wavering in his blind faith, “Why are you not interviewing scientists who oppose the science of Global Warming?”. The interviewer got her commissar to explain, “The BBC prides itself in its neutrality and we used to interview scientists on both sides of the issue but when it became clear there was a consensus of opinion, we stopped interviewing the climate deniers.” No, really he described the scientists who want to debate the issues with the pejorative “deniers”. Doesn’t sound so BBC neutral to me.

So it’s summer and surprise it’s hot, damn hot! So hot that there are hundreds of news articles describing the perils of lying out in the sun getting a tan. What fools these almost naked people be! Well, we are not fooled here in coastal BC. We are having one of the coolest springs and summers ever, no tan lines for us. But that’s not newsworthy because its not consensus science and all good climatologists know you have to ignore contrary observations or you will not get your grants. Damn climate denying weather!

If you are one of the 8 remaining people who still think that Climate Change should be at the top of our global agendas could you please explain this:

Why for the two years of Covid fanaticism were there hardly any news stories on Climate Change? Did this global emergency go on holiday, or worse yet come down with Covid? Was there a mandated hiatus for melting ice caps and sea level rise? I checked, the Maldives are still there, there are still snows of Kilimanjaro, Greenland still isn’t green.

Perhaps our solution to Climate Change is to ignore it, replace it with other news stories and it will simply thaw away.

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