Taking Back Our Freedoms

I recently blogged a correspondence with Brian Peckford where I mentioned the need for government and public reviews on the Health Ministry’s Charter bashing responses to the Covid ’emergency’. Brian is frustrated by the government’s incompetent responses to his enquiries and advocates a citizen’s inquiry being led by Take Back Our Freedoms . TBOF needs your support and you can reach them at the above link.

Brian Peckford writes:


You are being charitable, truly Canadian  —I have polled all First MINISTERS and they are not interested in a process  to ‘openly review’ even to their now biased courts  for a constitutional reference of their mandates or to participate in a citizens led inquiry of the last two years . A group of organizations led by TBOF are meeting weekly now to try and put together a citizen led inquiry—-the Govts show no interest, nor the media, nor most of the public. 

A recent angus reid poll showed that 85% of Liberal supporters will get a booster every year if recommended by the Government —-5% of PPC. —-EVEN CONSERVATIVE PARTY 41% —IF YOU ADD IN UNSURE FOR CONSERVATIVES ITS 51%. OF COURSE NDP AND GREENS ALSO POLL A MAJORITY TO SUBMIT  TO THE GOVT RECOMMENDATION . 


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