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Why is Health Canada Downplaying Vaccine Injuries?

A data dive

Sheldon YakiwchukJul 13

One of the few reports that are still completely intact, kinda, is “Reported side effects following COVID-19 vaccination in Canada” →Here. And when I say, ‘kinda’, it’s because there seems to be a lot of unreported incidence – anecdotally – and this report doesn’t really line up to what was just recently released by way of FOI out of BC…I spoke a little about that here:

Vaccine Injuries – Of Course They Knew All AlongRead more22 days ago · 77 likes · 27 comments · Sheldon Yakiwchuk

So, with a quick combing over of the 2 most recent reports from Health Canada on AEFIs (Adverse Events Following Immunizations), I found a few inconsistencies, something that I believe also lends itself to the Non-Consented vaccinations – given that they are downplaying and omitting data prior to consent.

What I was looking at when I found this was the 2 most recent monthly updates on this.

April 30th – May 27, 2022:


And then May 27th to June 24th.


The information starting with the Total Adverse Events as a starter.

Current 48,670 – Previous 46,635 Total Adverse Events, gives us a New AEFIs for this period. On the report, you can see that this number is 629…however, when you subtract 48,670 from 46,635 the actual number should be – 2,035…not 629.

And if you look at the Total AEFIs that were SERIOUS, Current 9,878 – Previous 9,627 the Newly Reported SERIOUS AEFIs should be 251, however if you look up a touch…this number is reported as 196.

If we just left it here…there’s enough to start to question the information that was presented but I’m not done yet…

You see…in my most previous substack, I showed how COVID follows the Flu Season…in that there is only risk when the temperature starts to dip and if you have a look at where things were over the last month…we can see exactly this, a lower case count during the summer months…it’s a lot higher this year than historical and even before vaccines…but that too is another story.

But what this means is, even if you had believed that the Vaccines did offer protection (which they do not), you must also appreciate that with the governments recommendations around having a booster shot, that this protection wanes.

If you’ve come to terms with all of that, you should also be able to grasp that getting a Flu Shot prior to the Calgary Stampede, your level of protection would have dramatically waned by the Fall of this year.

But people went ahead and got jabbed anyways…because they were told to…by Health Care “Experts”, who should already be aware of this fairly significant piece of information…

Several times I have noted, throughout stubstacks, that the people who need protection the most, aren’t getting it…and that people who don’t need protection are getting these injuries and it looks something like this: 


Those that Need Protection:

Highest Injuries:

And…if we wanted to see exactly who was needlessly injured, during a the seasonal lull in Canada, we’d compare the 2 reports:

60+ injuries increased by 616 of the 2,035 making up 30% of the Injuries, leaving 1,419 or 70% of these injuries in people who never actually needed this protection to begin with.

50-59 – 375 New Injuries – Total Mortality: 1,920

40-49 – 392 New Injuries – Total Mortality: 689

30-39 – 354 New Injuries – Total Mortality: 324

18-29 – 219 New Injuries – Total Mortality: 138

12-17 – 23 New Injuries – Total Mortality: 20

5-11 – 35 New Injuries – Total Mortality: 34

From the Ages 40 down…there were MORE Vaccine Injuries – AEFIs in One Month than have been Total Deaths for the last 28 Months!

Read that again.

More injuries in a MONTH than Deaths since the Beginning of COVID.

During a Seasonal lull in COVID. 

12% of these injuries, from the last month are SERIOUS and LIFE CHANGING Adverse Events…where Health Canada won’t actually tell us who these “Serious AEFIs” happened in, by way of age.

Deaths during this time period:

0-11: 1

12-19: 1

20-29: 3

30-39: 8

40-49: 11

50-59: 26

60-69: 88

70-79: 243

80+: 597

Total: 978.

95% of the COVID Mortality over the last Month, where 30% of the AEFIs occurred were in the 60+ Age Group.

5% of the COVID Mortality over the last Month, where 70% of the AEFIs occurred were under the age of 60.

Those who have needed protection for the last 28 months are dying the fastest. Health Canada will no longer provide the vaccine status on death because they don’t want you to be vaccine hesitant. 

And Now…Health Canada is downplaying the injuries and not letting on what True Risk from the AEFIs look like by hiding the numbers inside of their own published data.

One last thing I want to bring to your attention…and I know you have probably completely pissed off already is that Health Canada has Changed the Headers on their New Table 2 – which no longer shows hospitalizations and deaths, to:

Primary Series – which used to read “Fully Vaccinated” and then added in the additional 1 or 2 or more doses.

No matter how much data stacks up to show the ineffectiveness of the vaccines…no matter how much harm is being done in people who never needed protection…Health Canada is NOT going to relent and what’s worse…we’re going to be seeing a complete shitstorm in the fall →I’ll share the information on this in another stack, but hopefully now you know Why Health Canada is Downplaying vaccine injuries…they don’t want you to know.

If you knew this before…you’d be as mad as you are now.

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