Bad Moon Rising

Are we seeing more pushback against the elites who want to own everything while you own nothing? Will forceful protests become common in what was until recently, polite, prosaic Canada?

Hopefully things won’t get violent. One peaceful approach is to work on Jagmeet Singh to get him to turn against and stop supporting the Liberal government. Who is Jagmeet more loyal to? Canadians who just want to get on with their lives or the elites of the WEF who want to take those lifestyles from us? Hint!, Jagmeet has his own resume at the WEF and has been dressing better these days. If you think you can sway the rat who would be lion (Singh in Punjabi) he can be contacted at

You might have more luck by contacting your own NDP MP or your Liberal MP. My MP is Gord Johns at and I am sending him a copy of this. Your MP will have a similar email, you can look them up at Members of Parliament.

Surely, among these Members of Parliament who took their jobs to represent the needs of Canadians there are a few who meant it and actually put Canadians before the grasping globalists. The heroes will be the first to speak out and cross the floor. The villains will be those MPs who stay quiet, silently supporting an unethical, conflicted, totalitarian and dangerous government and denying their loyalties to fellow Canadians. Staying quiet, hoping this storm will pass will be their great shame and history will not remember them well.

This article at American Thinker summarizes many of the absurdities that are leading the West into a planned chaos:

The Davos Death Cult’s Bad Moon Rising

It sure seems as if another prescient verse from John Fogerty’s ingenious (yet lifelong Democrat, doh!) lyrical mind is taking shape:

I see the bad moon a-rising
I see trouble on the way
I see earthquakes and lightning
I see bad times today

When his band Creedence Clearwater Revival released “Bad Moon Rising” in 1969, America was enduring another era saturated with political assassination, rising inflation, war, and institutional corruption.  Although it became an instant classic reflecting the tenor of the times, Fogerty actually took his inspiration from the 1941 movie All That Money Can Buy, which tells the tale of a nineteenth-century New Hampshire farmer who sold his soul to Satan for economic success.  Tell me that’s not exactly what’s going on today, when the World Economic Forum does Lucifer’s work in exchange for the promise of its members’ personal salvation.

There’s no denying what’s barreling toward us.  The Davos Death Cult and its Great Reset deal with the Devil to conquer the world is unleashing hell on earth.  Dutch farmers are fighting for the right to grow food in a Build Back Better world dedicated to mass starvation.  The great and honorable Shinzo Abe of Japan lies slain, while the communists in China and throughout the West celebrate his assassin.  George Soros and Joe Biden have declared war against conservative members of the U.S. Supreme Court for daring to weaken the Leviathan’s unilateral authority to dictate how individual Americans must live.  Justin Trudeau is banning firearms in Canada before his subjects gain the courage to depose his regime.  The U.S. government has ceded control of the Southern border to narco-terrorists and sex-slavers.  And, in a disheartening example of how debauched crime and youth culture have become, seven Philadelphia teens recently recorded themselves beating a seventy-two-year-old man to death with traffic cones.

The globalist project to kick up a hornets’ nest in Russia’s backyard in service to the U.S.-NATO “rules-based international order” has destroyed mineral-rich farmlands throughout much of Ukraine.  While Biden kills domestic energy production and exacerbates Americans’ pain at the pump, he’s shipping America’s strategic reserve of petroleum to our geopolitical enemies in China.  At the same time that Germany is gearing up to restrict home heating and ration hot water, one left-wing minister is pushing to confiscate guns owned by members of opposing political parties.  Manufacturing plants and food distribution centers are suspiciously burning down all over the world.  And the island nation of Sri Lanka — whose massive public spending and Green New Deal energy policies have predictably produced untenable debt, fuel, and food shortages, and runaway inflation — is now on the verge of collapse.  Oh, there’s definitely a bad moon rising these days.

We have chaos and carnage unlike anything most people now alive have ever seen, and still I suspect everything is going according to plan.  Destroying entire nations in order to create a New World Order run by a minuscule number of global financial elites is heady business.  “You can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs” must be the ignominious motto under the Davos Death Cult’s heraldic coat of arms.  Hopped up on their devotion to eugenics and corrupted by their personal yearning to live forever, the Great Reset criminals are just getting started.  

They used the China Virus to plunge the world into lockdowns and economic demolition while transferring saved wealth from the middle class to the über-1% of the 1%.  They implemented vaccine passports, programs for mass surveillance, and widespread digital tracking to choke the freedom out of unsuspecting citizens.  They’ve hidden behind their old “Russia, Russia, Russia” canard to excuse the coming supply shortages and famines as the costs of “saving democracy,” rather than as the calculated results of Green New Deal policies that have devastated hydrocarbon energy reserves, squandered agricultural resources, and destabilized already fragile global shipping networks.  Their reckless money-printing and spending, exacerbated by two-plus years of gorging at the COVID-1984 feeding trough, have now put central banks charged with manipulating the monetary system into the precarious position of choosing how best to commit economic suicide — from the poisons of spiraling inflation or the cascading domino effect of over-leveraged government debts.  And while billionairesforeign governments, and Build Back Better communists seize fertile Western farmland for their own nefarious purposes, the Davos Death Cult is already lecturing the peasants that it’s time to shift to a diet of bugs.  No matter how you shake it, these are dangerous people with bad intentions all around.

While they push war, starvation, and economic collapse, their primary concern is how to create docile and enslaved citizens who will question none of their nonsense.  How do we know?  Just look at how they’re abusing young minds.  Oregon is training schoolteachers how to indoctrinate students into rejecting the Western value of “individualism.”  A government-funded pamphlet made for Canadian schoolchildren teaches that free speech is a “common defense” used by those who spread “hate propaganda.”  The American Civil Liberties Union and the National Education Association have published a K–12 school guide insisting that “children are never too young for sex change surgery.”  And, of course, Joe Biden and his Molochian abortion-worshipers have promised to disregard the Supreme Court and keep killing babies in the name of “justice, equality, and our health, safety, and progress as a nation.”  For the small group of venal and vile lords who wish to rule over everyone else, an ideal human subject is one incapable of free will or free thought, helplessly confused about his identity and place in the world, and devoted to the absolute meaninglessness of life.  Not only do they wish us to eat bugs, but they wish us to behave as mindless bugs, too.

There’s a storm coming.  That’s for sure now.  The question is whether the small group of people allied together these last few years to unleash so much misery for the rest of us really appreciate the mercurial nature of an outraged citizenry at their wits’ end.  Are the violent revolts in Sri Lanka today part of a test run in squashing future rebellions for the globalist wardens who seek our imprisonment, or are they the eerie harbingers of what lies in store for the Build Back Better boobs who wish to rule the world at our expense?  Hungry, desperate populations tired of “official” government lies and driven to fury by their Marie Antoinette tormentors don’t tend to stop for arbitrary “executive orders” and capricious “health mandates” on their way to the guillotines.  When the mild-mannered choose to take a stand, then violence becomes the order of the day, and heaven help those who get in their way.  When the obedient become irrepressible, calls for revolution spread like embers in the wind.  And like those uncontrollable infernos, once people rise up against those who wish to keep them down, the heat of their passions does not easily die away.  

What have the Davos Death Cult’s machinations wrought?  We will soon see, but I think John Fogerty may have said it best: “I hear the voice of rage and ruin.”  Those voices are not so very far away.

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