We Need a Public Inquiry Into BC’s Covid Response

Why were antivirals ignored in the Covid response? The Public Health Act specifically mentions that public health measures could include “Provision of pharmaceutical prophylaxis or treatment (eg antivirals)”. And yet Canada Health seemed mystified that antivirals exist.

Decades ago the nostrum was that antibiotics work on bacterial illnesses but for a viral illness you stayed at home and slept it off. Now decades later, following the research done on AIDS, there are copious lists of antivirals that include such gems as Chloroquine, Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin. That is unless the articles have been recently overwritten to exclude the safe and effective “controversial” and to include the dreadful and deadly Remdesivir. Perhaps it is because many of our health professionals are old school or skipped the lecture on antivirals. Perhaps it is time for them to retire.

Brian Peckford has written a post about an even less controversial antiviral, vitamin D, a vitamin that we sunlight challenged Canadians should be taking anyway. Why on Earth did our medical health officers not tout the benefits of this safe and effective vitamin. This is negligent homicide.


Devoid Of Common Sense —Canada’s Premiers

 / brianpeckford

Our leaders , in this case , the Premiers , are demonstrating that they continue to deny reality —deny science, deny the importance of early treatment , deny their jurisdiction, innovation and the list goes on.

The Premiers are having their annual meeting in Victoria this week( I attended 10 of them) and they continue to deny that part of the problem today is that the so called covid crisis  was handled and continues to be handled improperly in that there is no recognition of early treatment , the role of vitamin D in the treatment of the covid . Studies have shown from Dr. Peter McCullough , the late Dr. Zelenko, and others that such early treatment, and even earlier use of vitamin D (Zinc , vitamin C, quercetin, and zinc) could reduce hospitalizations by up to 80%. 

But no , just go for more money and continue having a problem in heath care with more hospitalizations and more emergency room visits and then the pressure for more heath care professionals. It’s as if the leaders have abandoned the real issue of prevention —with more healthy living and early treatment. 

Every time I mention Vitamin D people just nod and want to move on to something less embarrassing.  

The Swiss Policy Research group have assembled the following studies  :

‘Vitamin D3 supports and improves the immune system response to infections.

  • A Spanish randomized controlled trial found a 96% reduction in the risk of requiring intensive care in patients receiving high-dose vitamin D (100,000 IU).
  • Another Spanish study with 930 hospitalized patients found a 87% reduction in ICU treatment and a 79% reduction in mortality in patients receiving high-dose vitamin D.
  • A study in a French nursing home found an 89% decrease in mortality in residents who had received high-dose vitamin D either shortly before or during covid-19 disease.
  • A retrospective British study of approximately 1000 hospitalized covid patients found an 80% reduction in mortality with high-dose vitamin D.
  • A large Israeli study found a strong link between vitamin D deficiency and covid-19 severity.
  • For an overview of all covid-19 vitamin D studies, see here.’

I thought it was about following the Science. 

Then there is the issue of Jurisdiction —the Constitution clearly states  that health is provincial —-Section 92(7) . Right now the federal Government contributes 22% to Provincial Heath Budgets according to Government figures . The Provinces want it to go to 39% according to Premier John Horgan who chairs this years Premiers Meeting. 

Perhaps its time for some common sense, look at all the science just not what Government bureaucrats espouse, try some prevention like vitamin D ( especially being a northern latitude country and the lack of natural vitamin D) , more innovation , and early treatment at home. 

It’s not all about the money , especially when all the Governments are in debt, and practicing deficit financing annually causing that debt.

Common sense is free. 

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