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This is a video from Gurt VanDenBosch with scientific rationalization and a warning for those dutiful and compliant parents who plan to vaccinate their kids. Gurt doesn’t condescend, he talks to an audience of peers but without gestation time and without diagrams it is difficult even for a biologist to get the nuances. But I can tell what a woman is!

My quick summary, the immune system of children is learning to distinguish self by producing antibodies that cling to the pathogens but not normal body proteins. The immune system uses these pathogen ‘labels’ to develop a mature immune response that distinguishes self from foreign. To protect the development of this maturing immune system, any vaccines given to the young must be attenuated (weakened) live virus, simulating real infections. The mRNA shots bugger this up royally by creating antibodies that attach to the live virus, competing with the child’s early immune response and not allowing proper maturation of an adult immune response. In the future, the affected child’s immune system may not properly recognize self and this may lead to autoimmune disorders. The affected immune system may also not recognize invading pathogens, making the child more vulnerable to a slate of future diseases.

As of June 25, there were 367,194 unvaccinated children under age 12 in BC and only 128 of under 12s who were triple vaxxed (not 128 thousand, only 128 kids). There are however 49,438 under 12s who are singly vaxxed and 149,952 who are double vaxxed. The good news is that 64.8% of under 12s are unvaxxed. The bad news is that 35.2% are in various stages of vaxxed. Lots of fodder here to determine the ultimate effects of the vaxxes. I’m sure Pfizer will get right on it.

Hopefully the word has gotten out there, the number of BC unvaxxed is constant at 14%, the single vaxxed stable at 3.2%, the double and triple+ vaxxed fixed at 83%. It will be interesting to see how the Health minister’s plans to up the ante to a vaccine every 9 months will play out.

Don’t vaccinate your children with covid vaccines! Ever!

Gurt VanDenBosch

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