Donuts Anyone?

The BCCDC donut graphs have arrived for the 4 week period ending June 4, 2022.

By the end of this period there were 14% unvaccinated British Columbians holding firm and 3.3% singly vaxxed. At this time 83% of BCers are considered fully vaxxed with 31% double vaxxed and 52% boosted. There are, therefore, 1 in 6 of us who are considered unvaccinated and are subject to the vindictive mandates but this could change.

There have been a few news articles lately about the Trudeau government musing whether to lift the bar, redefining the fully vaccinated as those who have had their (useless) booster shots. Here is an article from Rebel News:

Such a change would immediately reclassify the 31% double vaxxed BCers as undervaccinated making 48% of British Columbia’s population subject to punitive mandates. The sole rational for this change would seem to be to get us to take ‘just one more (useless/dangerous) shot’, a policy that would expose millions to even more serious adverse effects with little to no promise of benefit. Would we fall for it again?

If we go back to vaccine status one month ago (April 30):

It is pretty clear that over the past month there has been little change. The unvaccinated are unshakeable with only a small number (3.5% -> 3.3%) of single vaxxed being persuaded (read coerced) to get fully vaxxed. Of the doubly vaxxed only a few (32% -> 31%) have taken that extra shot.

Even back 2 months ago:

In late March there were already 82% fully vaxxed and that has only increased to 83% in two months with some of the singly vaxxed (4.3 -> 3.3) browbeaten into their shots. What is most notable is that the double vaxxed are also holding firm over two months, with only 2% pressured into their boosters. More and more people appear to be wising up. As just one anecdote, a relative who had been anxious then pleased to get her two shots found she has not been feeling well and several friends have also feeling lethargic after their shots. Once an advocate she is now not getting her booster and is advising her friends to also avoid the shot.

What does this mean for redefining vaccine status to three+ shots? I suspect that here in BC it is not only the 17% un and singly vaxxed that would object but also a considerable number of the 31% double vaxxed, who having resisted the booster for two months, would also object. Given that among the 51% boosted there are some who have vaxx regret it is possible that a majority of BCers are vaxx skeptics.

I would almost like to see the government try to impose more vaxxes. I think the convoys would stretch from here to Parliament Hill.

But the alarms are starting to ring. I just saw a news article on CHEK that there are Health Canada plans to vaxx everyone down to age 5 to prevent the anticipated umpteenth wave expected in the Fall. Such pluck! If first, then second, then third time you fail, lie, lie, lie again.

However, even as summer arrives and the cold and flu season usually evaporates there is already a dramatic increase in Covid related deaths in BC.

Back in late March there were 92 Covid related deaths over a 4 week interval. Now, at the beginning of June there are 560 Covid associated deaths oven the last four weeks, from 3 deaths up to a whopping average of 20 Covid deaths per day. Is it time for

• more boosters?

• more lockdowns?

• more testing?

How have those boosters been working? The number of deaths among the boosted have been very consistent over the past two months, between 76% in late April and 74% in early June. This is a considerably greater proportion relative to the 52% of people who are boosted. For the 14% unvaccinated the mortality has been a lower proportion, only 9%. As shown in an earlier article, these discrepancies are explained by the difference in age distribution of the groups. The boosted group has a larger proportion of the elderly who are most vulnerable. It appears that boosters offer no benefit over being unvaccinated.

My takeaway is that that the boosters are not working and worse than that they could be prolonging Covid, providing fertile bodies for new variants and preventing the development of that elusive herd immunity. Answer number one: No more boosters, there is little or no benefit with the large danger of adverse effects.

How about those lockdowns? Here is a BCCDC graph of the deaths from Covid by age group:

Unvaccinated age groups to the left, boosted to the right and it is immediately evident to all but our health professionals that it is only the 60+ and particularly the 70+ age groups that are vulnerable to Covid and of these it has been known that those who die from/with Covid have significant health problems. This has been known since May 2020, but in some strange philosophy of equity the health cartel decided we must all bear the pain. How much simpler if we had protected the infirm and elderly and gotten on with life. The very stupidity of lockdowns was so irrational it has spawned doubts as to whether the purpose was health or a plan to disrupt and ‘reset’ the Western economies.

We must resist more lockdowns as if our lives depend on it. Because they might!

What is driving the large increase in Covid related deaths? In early April there was a change in policy at the BCCDC:

Rather than the deaths being reported by health authorities, any death that occurs within a 30 day period following a positive Covid test is now considered a Covid death. So if you are admitted to hospital for heart failure and test positive for Covid, then you die of pneumonia within the next month you are hey presto! a Covid stat. Now if I remember correctly, very elderly sick people are more likely to die and it would seem likely that by including expected deaths as Covid deaths the numbers are inflated. Could the unseasonal increase in Covid deaths partially be a result of a reporting change?

This brings us to the last question, should we have more testing? There have been many concerns that the tests are flawed and I’m not sure what purpose they served except to isolate asymptomatic people as if they had the disease. Certainly one effect of an increase in testing is that more people will die with Covid. The more people that test positive, the more of these people will die within that 30 day window and be recorded as Covid deaths.

Way to stoke the fear BCCDC!

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