Hon. Brian Peckford’s Speech Today at the Ledg

Magna Carta For Canada —My Speech On The Steps Of The BC Legislature Today —Reclaim Canada Conference


A Proposal To Reclaim Canada

Canada’s Magna Carta—We, The Citizens of Canada Stand For—

A.  An Independent Public National Inquiry to Examine whether Government  (Federal, Provincial and Territorial) mandates and lockdowns were necessary and constitutional.  People in Government and their agencies who are found guilty of breaking the law after due process MUST be brought to Justice.

Such an Inquiry CANNOT be led by any of the Governments of Canada who are the major subjects of the Inquiry.  Instead, a Citizens Group MUST be formed for that purpose.   And these Governments and their agencies MUST open their books and release to the inquiry and the public all necessary relevant information concerning their actions during the pandemic.

B.  ALL Registered Political Parties In Canada Must Be Obligated By Law To Publish Audited Financial Statements ANNUALLY.  Right now, NONE of the Federal Parties who are in the House of Commons publish any audited financial statements.

C.  No Member of The Federal Parliament or members of Provincial Legislatures or Territorial Assemblies can sit in these chambers if they have BROKEN a Canadian law as determined by a court or an Ethics and Conflict of Interest Commissioner.  

D.  EVERY private members bill/resolution presented before a parliament in Canada must be debated and voted upon within six months of parliamentary sitting days from its introduction.

E.  All Judges of the Supreme Courts of the Provinces and Courts of Appeal, the Federal Courts and the Supreme Court of Canada MUST, BY LAW, have criteria established as to their qualifications to serve.  And all Government nominated candidates for those positions MUST be subject to a hearing by a parliamentary committee who would present to FULL Parliament their recommendations to approve or reject any nominated judge.  Parliament’s decision is FINAL.

F.  ALL Parliamentary Committees of all Canadian Parliaments MUST have safeguards whereby the majority on the Committee cannot close down those committees when the business of the Committee has not been completed—when there are citizens with relevant valuable information to be presented.

G.  All Governments of Canada MUST have balanced budget legislation enacted with no exceptions except in times of pending war or insurrection or the country’s existence is at stake.

H.  All Authorities responsible for primary, elementary and high school education MUST  enact curriculum measures to ensure Civics is a mandatory subject in each grade at Grade Eight and above.

l.  The power of the Prime Minister MUST be reduced.  The Prime Minister’s office and the Privy Council today has a workforce of over 1500 persons.  This MUST be reduced to not more than 500.  The more than 206 Departments and Agencies and the 320,00 Public Services, that work for them, can then get back to doing the work they were hired to do.

J.  There MUST be a three day Public First Ministers Conference ANNUALLY to discuss the pressing national issues of the day.  All Governments MUST publicly issue written statements at the Conference highlighting what they think are the national priorities.

K.  Canadian Courts hearing a Constitutional Case related to the Charter of Rights and Freedoms  MUST BE obligated to consider in their written rulings the two introductory concepts to the Charter —The Supremacy Of God and the Rule of Law.  NO DECISION rendered without a written consideration in the decision of these principles will be valid.

L.   Canada must remain a sovereign nation. Therefore no treaty or international regulations, of any kind, can be agreed to by Canada that in any way erode our nation’s sovereignty.

M.   Membership in any international organization MUST BE CONDITIONAL upon Canada remaining a completely sovereign nation.

Hon. A. Brian Peckford P.C. 

Last Surviving First Minister Who

Helped Craft The Charter of Rights and Freedoms 

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