Getting Your FU Money

Why did Covid, a disease with a 0.0002% mortality rate in the young and an overall 0.06% mortality rate in the BC population over 27 months get away from us? Why was the economy abandoned? Why were people at no risk locked down? Why was there only one proclaimed solution? Why were we bullied and coerced into getting an experimental gene therapy? Why were early treatments ignored and dismissed and admonished? Why do we continue to promote dangerous vaccines that have failed? Why do we continue to demean and persecute those with enough awareness to refuse the vaxxes?

There are a lot of people, among them educated people, who, despite the evidence, have continued to promote the failed policies. Wayne Allyn Root writes that these are not all malicious villains with a plan to cull the Earth’s population but are those caught up in a get rich Ponzi scheme who are now hectically covering their asses.

Here is an excerpt:

By Wayne Allyn Root

That explains this entire Covid response.

They’re all in too deep. The lie is just too big. The results too catastrophic. They’ve acted too hysterical and over-the-top. There’s no going back.

It started out about greed. Everyone involved wanted to get rich quick. They saw Covid and the vaccine as a way to get filthy rich, unimaginably rich. Rich enough for the next ten generations of their families. “FU money” as they say. And they could pay for it all with OPM- “other people’s money.” They’d get government to pay the whole bill.

Many conservative media personalities throw around the term “depopulation scheme” to explain what’s happening with the vaccines. They use the term “mass murder.” As if everyone involved wanted to kill off half the world’s population. And I do believe there were a few people at the very top of this scam, this pyramid scheme, who are pure evil.

Full article at The Gateway Pundit

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