You can almost sense the desperation, just 5 months to go to midterms in the US and those guys are trying to find something that will leverage enough fear so they can roll out the voter drop boxes or better still postpone the election.

“War in Ukraine? no wait, how about we threaten to go to war with Russia. That should do it, but just in case Europe doesn’t go along with a a game of nuclear chicken we better have alternatives. Climate change is a tough sell with the coldest spring in 20 years, but get the media out there over reporting every flood, storm and heatwave. Perhaps the rabble will forget that the global warming crisis virtually dropped out of the news in the past two years. Not so existential now is it! We can always burn more cities, divide people over abortion or try to revive Covid with a new and scarier variant. Runnin’ out of ideas here … wait what’s this about monkeypox. Now that sounds scary!”

Is it monkeypox, or crystalpox?

Once again, honesty is going to prove tough for the public health authorities

Alex Berenson4 hr ago534141

Are you a gay man?

Specifically, are you a gay man who likes sex with lots of other gay men? Maybe in a bathhouse? Maybe names optional? Maybe with a meth bump on the side?

No? Are you sure?

It’s cool if you are, no judgments. They’re called glory holes for a reason, people!

Still no?

Okay. Don’t worry about the monkeypox thing then.

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