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“Have You Ever Wondered Who’s Pulling the Strings?” – US Army Unveils Dystopian PSYWAR Recruiting Video Titled “GHOSTS IN THE MACHINE” (VIDEO)

The leftist buzzword of the past year and a half has been “misinformation” – which is typically characterized as “wild right-wing conspiracy theories with no basis in reality”; however, this is almost never the case.

Usually, it’s some form of projection.

As for the ‘theory’ about a secretive group of Deep State goons pulling the strings to mold public thought and behavior from the shadows, there’s nothing theoretical about it. In fact, the US Army is now using it as the main selling point to recruit new soldiers into its ranks.

Earlier this month, the US Army released a new ad for its PSYWAR special ops division, which specializes in conveying selected information to specific audiences in order to influence their emotions, motives, and thought processes – with the ultimate goal of directing the behavior of governments, groups, and individuals.

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