Who’s Who in the WEF

Should politicians who are associated with the World Economic Forum and its plans for a Great Reset declare their conflict of interest to the public? Most of us know that Justin Trudeau is one of the WEF chosen few and that Chrystia Freeland and Mark Carney are actually on the Board of Trustees for the WEF. But can they serve the needs of Canadians if they have another global goal? They are elected and paid to improve the lives of Canadians, is it not seditious to actually undermine Canadian interests with a divergent Globalist agenda?

So who else? Here is one who is making an attempt to win control of the Conservative Party. Knowing that he is the spawn of the WEF does explain his opportunistic politics, … conservative, liberal conservative … anything to put him in power. Do you think that wanting to improve the lives of ordinary Canadians is part of his goal?


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