Existence of Strategic Planning Committee

December 2020

A letter to a friend

This is confirmation to me that the Strategic Planning committee of the Canadian Liberal Party exists and its agenda goes much further and faster than I believed, enabled by the too convenient Covid virus that has been used to create a viral dystopia ensuring a compliant public.

Just found out that Vancouver is in a new lockdown and we will have to cancel next week’s trip. Seems consistent with the rolling lockdowns predicted by the anonymous letter writer. To me these lockdowns seem to make no sense, cases are going up as testing of young people goes up, as expected, but hospitalizations and deaths still seem low with limited infections among the elderly and compromised. As you have pointed out, that average mortality is still in the mid eighties. My non-medical gut feeling is that keeping businesses, schools and activities open while isolating the elderly is the way to go, much as we do with flus. As the young develop immunity, the virus loses hosts, cannot transmit and dies out. The elderly now benefit from the herd immunity of the young, no one to give them the disease.

The rushed isolation facilities certainly sound like concentration camps. Better keep your mask on and your mind off or you could find yourself in Tuktoyaktuk 17.

The info on Covid-21 and the secret smile of Bill Gates linking with the “how do they know that” mutated Covid-21 lockdowns of next year gives great cause for concern. It hints that the original Covid-19 was an intentional not accidental release and the target was the disruption of world economies, perhaps an early release following the impeachment failure to make sure the greatest impediment to a new world order didn’t get reelected. Homicidal Bill says “you didn’t get the message in round one so we (your betters, don’tcha know) are going to pull out all the stops in round two”. And of course that implies a more lethal virus or perhaps just the perception of greater mortalities by the immoral media. The Club of Rome will be proud.

Part of the problem is that this all seems so improbable that it is difficult to believe that there are people who could be so monstrous to actually do it. Easier to get people to believe the big lie? Is Trudeau truly a monster with great hair?

I have had great difficulty convincing people that Trump is not a monster and has done great things for his country and world peace. The media blackout has been unscrupulous, highlighting his gaffes, rudeness and brusqueness, making up his racism and white supremacy while covering up the improved economy for the poor, the paying up of NATO shirkers, growing climate scepticism and seemingly impossible mideast peace treaties. The election shenanigans in the US have deposed the Great Orange Hope, the only man that had the inner strength to combat this evil and replaced him with a senile influence peddler who has just promised to “elevate the governmental scientists and doctors to communicate consistent messaging to the public”. In other words if I don’t have a mind of my own I don’t want you having one either.

Asked by a friend today “how do you know who’s lying?”, I gave two answers. 

1.   Look for who is omitting or distorting information, go to the source, listen to the speeches and then see how they are reported. CNN lies! Adam Schiff lies! and CBC and CTV recirculate those lies. 

2.   Read/watch lots from multiple sources and look for coherence and inconsistency. What is the overall logical picture painted in these dribs and drabs of information.

In this Strategic Planning committee letter I see coherence with the story related to me last year, the existence of a committee planning a total restructuring of the economy but now with the Covid twist. There is the implementation of a universal income as I was led to believe, but no mention of carbon, climate change, dismembering the petroleum industry or replacing reliable energy with sunshine and whirligigs. The continuing Covid lockdowns may have allowed them to drop the unravelling climate ruse, yet still let them destroy the economy, stop travel, isolate families and friends and incarcerate dissidents. This would create a public desperate enough to take an IMF bailout, putting them into a lifetime of indentured servitude or should we more correctly call it ‘serfdom’ or perhaps a more charged ‘slavery’.

The letter I think is real but it is difficult to see how one can know the future without a compliant media to create it for you. It certainly looks possible that there is a plan to railroad through concentration camps aka isolation facilities. Dissent will be quelled by prudently protecting us from sceptics with different opinions and the temerity to not wear masks.

As for the rest of the video that goes beyond the letter, it also goes beyond my scope and I think detracts from the message. Complex conspiracy theories are difficult for most to swallow and are better served in small bites. 

There is a hugely important message to get out to Canadians and I think the solution lies with the 30% of the Strategic Planning Committee that are appalled by this future. These people should all defy any confidence agreements and voice their displeasure with what is going on as publicly as possible. What is happening if party allegiance is more important than people’s lives. The NDP should be shamed for their support of a government that seeks to enslave its workers. The Liberal minority government was voted for as a historically centrist party and has not been given a mandate to destroy the Canadian way of life.

All is possible if decent men remain quiet.

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